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Our Restoration Process.

Bible with cover falling off

Step 1:

Can my Bible be saved?

Our goal is to restore your Bible and give it new life, but sometimes the damage is beyond repair. Below are some of the requirements for restoration. 

Bible Restoration Requirements:

  • Bible's binding must be sewn, not glued.

  • We cannot restore loose or torn pages 
    or pages that have fallen out.

Step 2:

Send us photos.

E-mail photos of your Bible to

Send photos of:

  • The Cover

  • The Spine

  • Any damaged areas.

  • The more photos, the merrier. 

Binding of two bibles
Open Bible to title page

Step 3:

Customize, Order, Ship.

  • Fill out the order form to customize your Bible.

  • Ship us your Bible.

  • We will restore your Bible and ship it back to you.​​

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