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About Us.

"The Farmstead Ministries is a family-owned company committed to serving as many people as possible. We created The Farmstead in response to the overwhelming number of people who don’t have access to basic human needs for themselves or their families. At The Farmstead, we use our gifts to create hand-crafted products and use the proceeds to meet those needs, empower lives, and spread the Gospel."

Image of leather products and apparel. Leather journals, tote bags, and hats

Our Mission.

Our mission is to work together as a community by using our unique gifts to provide food, water, clothing, shelter, and the Gospel to people in need.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to see individuals and communities thriving as we work together to meet needs, empower lives, and spread the Gospel.

Our Name.

The Farmstead Ministries was inspired by “The Parable of the Sower,” where a farmer goes out and sow seeds in his fields. When the seeds land on “good soil,” it produces a crop much greater than what was sown. The Farmstead Ministries strives to serve people in need by sowing seeds and tending the soil.

Our Promise.

Our brand promise, “Sowing Seeds,” symbolizes taking small actions that grow and multiply into meaningful change. We take action by meeting people’s physical needs, developing relationships, and spreading the Gospel.

Image of three wheat stalks in front of a brick wall
Farmstead Package in front of front door

Our Giving.

"The Farmstead donates 10% of profits to meet the needs and empower the lives of people struggling in our local and global communities. Our goal is to increase our percentage of giving every year."

We give locally to The Union Mission Ministries to "provide hope, healing, and wholeness" to the homeless in Hampton Roads. 

We give globally to End of the Earth Ministries to "train and send national missionaries to the most unreached people in the world."

Our Products.

"The Farmstead Ministries designs and hand-crafts our products from start to finish. Our goal is to craft beautiful, durable, and custom products that will last a lifetime."



Full-grain, vegetable-tanned. 


Hand-burnished edges.  

Heat-imprinted designs.



100% solid brass or copper.


Quotes are written on 1940's typewriter.

Woman holding leather bag
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