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Origin Story.

The Full Story

"The origin story of The Farmstead Ministries is a story of faith. My story in coming to know Jesus Christ and creating this ministry is unusual, but I believe it shows God's unfailing grace to someone who did not deserve it. Feel free to give it a read when you have a few minutes and a nice cup of coffee."

-Steven (Founder)

Found of company playing piano as a bog

     "My salvation narrative began when I was a child raised in a Southern Christian home. In my teens, I ultimately walked away from what little faith I had. I continued my disbelief throughout college and a few years into my professional life. I wrote off belief in a creator as childish, and my main focus was becoming successful. I knew I was missing something in my life, but I figured that once I became successful, I would be content and happy."

Founder of company as a teacher with his students

     "I began my adult journey as a graphic designer, then a candle-maker, became an English teacher in South Korea, and am currently a deep-sea Navy Diver. The idea for the Farmstead Ministries began when I deployed on the longest aircraft carrier deployment in naval history. While on deployment, I had plenty of time to think, dream, journal, pray, and learn the art of leathercraft."

     "A few years later, I had a breaking point. I woke up one morning, went to work, and quit my job. I packed my car full of camping gear and a few essential possessions and drove West. I had only one goal; go West until I reached the ocean, then see where life takes me.

     I found myself camping in Joshua Tree National Park. I dug through some of the books from my backpack and came across an old Bible that I had never read. I felt curious about this old book for the first time since my childhood. I picked up the Bible and began reading. I started reading Matthew, and the stories drew me in for some unknown reason. I have a hard time describing the feeling I experienced, but the best description I can give is that “it made sense.” For the first time in my life, something seemed to click, and for a reason unknown to me, the book felt right to me. I continued reading the New Testament into the night.

     Before I went to bed, Jesus saved me. I prayed and asked for Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior. I surrendered my life and my will to Jesus that night under the stars in Joshua Tree National Park. My whole life has been transformed ever since."

Founder in the desert waving

     "While reading Scripture one morning, the parable of the talents and the parable of the sower struck a chord in my heart. These parables called me to ask questions about my own life: “How can I be a good steward of the unique gifts and resources that the Lord has given to me? Who needs help, what do they need help with, and how can I help them? Instead of waiting for just the right time or circumstances, how can I “sow the good seed” and begin building God’s Kingdom now? These questions led me to start The Farmstead Ministries, a Christian ministry created to build God’s Kingdom by providing food, water, clothing, shelter, and the Gospel to people in need."

Founder diving underwater and holding a Texas flag
Founder leaning on workbench in the leather shop

     "My own transformation story has taught me that Jesus is willing and able to save anyone, even people who seem like a lost cause. I never imagined my life would lead in the direction of the military, seminary school, and creating a ministry to work full-time building God’s Kingdom. Since Jesus saved me and I experienced my salvation narrative, I now cannot imagine any other life worth living.

     Thank you for supporting The Farmstead Ministries and being a part of our story!"

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