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“The Expat” is our newest travel journal, inspired by my time living as an Expat in South Korea.


During all my travels, I carry a travel journal to document my experiences. I keep shelves full of old journals as mementos, reminders, and heirlooms to share my story with the next generation. These journals are some of my most prized possessions, and we wanted to create a journal for you to share your story.


“The Expat” is a refillable journal that includes three customized, hand-bound journal inserts. Once you fill up your journal, stack the insert on a shelf, put in a fresh one, and move on to your next adventure!



  • 100% full-grain, 5-6 oz. Hermann Oak® vegetable-tanned leather.
  • Custom-dyed and conditioned to strengthen and protect the leather.
  • Hand-burnished edges, using 100% beeswax.
  • Heat-imprinted initials and maker’s mark.
  • Quote, verse or note typed on a 1940s typewriter. 
  • Each journal signature is bound by hand, containing 60 pages (front and back).
    • Journal comes with three signatures (180 pages total, front and back). 
  • Removable journal signatures are held in place using 2mm elastic. When the journal is full, easily replace it with new, custom signatures.  
  • 9" Tall x 4.25" Wide 


Steps to personalizing your journal:

1. Select a color.

2. Choose initials to go on the cover.

3. Write a quote, verse, or note to appear on the first page of each journal signature (3 total).

* Be sure to write the quote exactly how you would like it to appear.

* Quote must fit on one page. (500 characters or less)



*Disclaimer* Due to the process of hand-crafting products using raw, vegetable-tanned leather there may be some natural defects, scars, or color variations. The natural imperfections are a part of the beauty and art of custom leathercraft.

"The Expat"

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