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Let's admit it...every dog needs to look classy. What's classier than a custom-made, vegetable-tanned dog collar with 100% brass hardware and an engraved name? A dog collar with a removable bow tie! 


Steps to personalizing your dog collar: 

1. Select a color.

2. Choose a name to be branded into the leather.

3. Add a bow tie if desired. 


Want a custom-sized dog collar? Send us your dog's size, and we will make a collar to be a perfect fit for your pup!


Two options for measurements: * See Dog Collar Size Guide in the picture above.

- Option #1: Order based on the general size of your dog. 

- Option #2 (Best option): Measure your dog's current collar, and we will make it a perfect fit. 



*Disclaimer* Due to the process of hand-crafting products using raw, vegetable-tanned leather there may be some natural defects, scars, or color variations. The natural imperfections are a part of the beauty and art of custom leathercraft.

Bow Tie Collar

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